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Learn how to harness the healing power of the BODyS INNATE GUIDANCE WITH FLAMETREE

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healing system. The GPS system to health.

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Navigate 8 frequency’s of the human body, beyond the mind, body & spirit paradigms.


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Personal Development & healing. When existing medical wisdom doesn’t have all the answers

As a research scientist and graduate of multiple medical methodologies in both Eastern and Western medicine, Rhett has a passionate thirst for knowledge about how the body and mind work.

Early in his career, he discovered the limitations of current medical practice while supporting his mother to manage chronic pain following a car accident. In a quest to find fresh ways of managing healing, Rhett spent the next 19 years studying and mapping the body’s frequencies through their connection with various healing systems. From this research evolved FlameTree, an entirely new way of understanding the healing process.

FlameTree enhances connections between the body and the mind and enables practitioners to gain direct access to feedback from the body to provide guidance and insight. It also activates the power of the mind to support clients in participating in their own healing.

Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach

What FlameTree can do for you

A positive mental outlook and correct treatment plan plays an important role in healing. But what if you could harness that power and actively engage your clients in their own recovery? FlameTree allows you to awaken connections between the mind and body to guide the healing process, achieving faster diagnosis and longer lasting results for your clients.

Foundational system for healers

Enhance your treatment options

FlameTree can be applied in a complementary way to your existing practice, enhancing your treatment options to support a holistic healing approach.


Grow your

You can provide this therapy via telehealth. This makes your practice more accessible to people with chronic illnesses, disability or impacted by remoteness.


Short qualification

Degree study is not required. Just learn the methods and techniques and pass the exam. Receive ongoing support and mentoring from the founder, Rhett Ogston.

The fastest way to get to the client’s core issue

“FlameTree simply and easily integrates everything I know as a Integrated Kinesiologist, TCM Remedial Therapy Practitioner, Three in One Concept Advanced Consultant, Holistic Beauty Therapist, Facial Harmony Practitioner, and a NLP Master Coach and prioritizes what the client needs. It is the easiest and faster way to get to the clients core issue and achieve a positive outcome.”

Lilyanne Wang, Practitioner

An incredible complement to my existing techniques

“I can see the Flame Tree being a foundational module for every health care practitioner… Flame Tree integrates science-healing- art-spirituality-environment-body systems-and more – it is at the cutting edge of healing! I have studied many different healing techniques – and from my experience nothing comes close to the Flame Tree approach.”


Dr George Dellas (Certified registered Chinese medicine practitioner), Naturopath, EFT and UEFT Technician


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