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Personal tragedy drives development of life-changing system

Watching his mother suffer in chronic pain after a car accident spurred Rhett to look for answers beyond the standard offerings of the medical profession.

Rhett spent 19 years studying different treatment methodologies in Eastern and Western medicine and mapping how these different approaches align to the frequencies of the body.

From this research evolved FlameTree, an entirely new way of understanding the healing process. FlameTree enhances connections between the body and the mind and activates the power of the innate wisdom to support healing in a holistic way.

Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach

What FlameTree can do for you

Existing medical wisdom doesn’t always have all the answers. FlameTree can provide healing where other medical practice has let you down. FlameTree awakens connections between the mind and body to activate the intelligence of your innate to guide the healing process. As a holistic healing system, it targets physical symptoms and can have a transformative effect on your psychological state.


Enables Physical

If you have pain, ill health or a diagnosed condition and have not found relief through standard medical approaches, FlameTree can help.


Supports Psychological

Stress, overwhelm and anxiety can be addressed as part of a holistic treatment approach, so you feel calmer, happier and more in control of your life.


Removes Environmental Barriers

Environmental and historical factors limiting your personal development or expression of who you are can be gently resolved and put aside.

Doctors gave me 2 years to live – Rhett healed me

“I had a range of medical issues and was obese and doctors had told me I had two years to live if I was lucky. After a few sessions with Rhett, my asthma improved, my Ventolin use went from one to two times a day to once or twice a week. My headaches stopped. I have more energy, I began to feel more focused and balanced, I started to feel better. I even felt happier. But the most dramatic effect was the weight loss. I lost 25 kilos and went from a size 26 top to buying swimmers for the first time in years – in a size 16.”


Doctors said I wouldn’t make it to 40 but Rhett turned my life around

I was in my 30s and a non-drinker when a doctor told me I had the liver of a 90-year-old heavy drinker. He told me not to bother planning my 40th Birthday party ‘cause I may not be here. Then along came Rhett. He got to the root cause of what was really going on. I’m more focused, know where I’m going and no longer do the stories of my past sabotage play any part in my future. I had two major contracts offered to me in the first week and I can quickly and easily identify other people’s agendas. Something that is very useful in Business. Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to snap you out of complacency and back into life.


I was ready to die, now I’m a new person

Recently, I went through a traumatic time where I contemplated ending my life. I was in such a terrible state that I wanted to jump off a bridge and I started to make plans for this. I felt so desperate and helpless. I remember sitting in a park late in the afternoon, crying and asking for help to come to me when Dr Rhett’s name came into my head. I hadn’t seen Rhett for a couple of months, and as it was late, I didn’t think that I could make a last minute appointment to see him that day, but Rhett stayed back so he could treat me (for two hours!) I can’t thank Rhett enough. It is cliché to say that he saved my life, but I walked out of that FlameTree session a different person.


Rhett saved my daughter from a life of pain

To anyone who wants a miracle, my daughter was hospitalised for 2 days and the paediatric doctor and top specialist from a leading Brisbane hospital did not know what was wrong. Rhett personally came to the hospital and treated her for four hours and continued treating her for many hours at home over the next 8 weeks. She was eventually diagnosed with Linear IGA Disease, which causes terrible blisters across the body. When the blisters healed, I took her back to visit a leading dermatologist and he was amazed at the recovery she had made because her condition was expected to recur regularly until about age 13. Nearly two years later the blisters have not returned. Rhett saved my daughter from a life of pain.


Like seeing a panel of doctors

I attended the clinic after receiving little help from Western Medicine. Within the first hour of my treatment, Rhett has assessed my problems and proceeded to diagnose exactly the course of my ill health. It was like attending a panel of doctors all at the same time. It is very effective and comforting to have the connection between mental and physical well being explained and realigned.




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