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Holistic-living-natural remedy essences for emotional health

Process My Emotions Essences

Each of the six essences has been formulated to assist with specific emotional challenges and to restore your emotional balance, helping you to live an emotionally responsive life of health and wellness.

Holistic-living-Organic teas for stress and wellbeing naturally

Organic Herbal Tea

The Jivana range of organic products are delivered to you from your naturopath. Each blend has been consciously created for you to create the space in your day to calm and nourish your entire being.

Holistic-living-organic heat packs for pain and stress relief

Organic Heat Packs

Organic buckwheat and aromatherapy heat packs are the perfect way to soothe any tension, ease menstrual inflammation and pain and reduce bloating with the therapeutic effects of heat to the area.

Holistic living organic best eye masks for stress and sleep

Organic Eye Masks

The Jivana eye masks are not your norm. Filled with organic flax and herbs bursting with life force plus medicinal-grade organic essential oils which, not only have a calming effect on your overburdened nervous system but also induce peaceful sleep. Inhale calm, exhale tension.

holistic-living-learn personal-development courses and healing courses online

Personal Development

Education, awareness and responsibility, to make the change in your life to change what’s no longer working or serving you to reach your goals and dreams. Learn how to optimise not only your body for health but also your emotions, your mind and all 8 frequencies that make up you.

Rhett-Ogston-Book - Life guided to release fear and limitations for a better life- The Eternal Warriors Smile

Wellness Books & Resources

Knowledge is power. The Rhett Ogston suite of books and manuals have been created, for your purpose. To provide you with tools and empowerment to make meaningful change in your life. There’s something for everyone, from coaching, bio-energetic healing and even children’s education.


Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with a Natural System of 6 Vibrational Remedies; 5-Element essences plus the one combination essence, Peace.

Synergistic natural blends of Chinese and Western herbal medicine, Homeopathic remedies, Flower essences and Bio-energetic medicine. Learn more.