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Learn how YOU CAN support your cOMMUNITY with pro•m•emo  essences FOR EMOTIONAL WELLBEING 

Share the benefits of balanced & healthy emotions with your clients

Vibrational natural remedies for alleviating emotional stress, tension, fear, anger, grief and worry and a supportive adjuvant treatment to alleviate stress experiences during physical diseases and treatment plans.


Share the benefits of balanced emotions with your clients pro•m•emo essences fuse the healing power of Western science, Chinese herbs, homeopathic principles, bioenergetic healing and flower essences. Rooted in the Five Element Theory from ancient Chinese teachings, these unique bioenergetic blends are designed to assist the body in processing emotions to prevent them from causing harm.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) teaches that if emotions are not properly processed, they will linger in the system and lead to symptoms. For example, rage is correlated with distended arteries and blood vessels, a raised voice, red eyes and rapid breathing. pro•m•emo essences assist the body in processing these “stuck” emotions and maintaining emotional harmony.

Australian made process my emotions essences

How the natural essences will benefit your wellness practice

A fusion of science, technology and ancient philosophy


Pro.m.emo essences provide a great complement to your existing therapeutic offerings. With over 15-years of research and 5 alternative healing modalities in each bottle,  the pro•m•emo natural essences, are a supportive tool to clear emotional stagnation via the meridians promoting the natural flow of energy in the body in accordance with the 5 element theory derived from thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine teachings. In 3-5 drops under the tongue or in water, an emotional state is transformed quickly and simply. You can also apply below to become a wholesale member and create a whole new income stream for your business.

Australia emotional wellbeing

Understand the essences
and their applications

Each of the six essences has been formulated to assist with specific emotional challenges. Learn their purpose and how they work to restore emotional balance.

Natural essences for stockists Australia

Learn how to guide your clients or community & prescribe the essences

Learn how to explore your client’s individual needs and challenges and assess which pro•m•emo essence is most appropriate for their circumstances.

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Expand your service offering and income

Become a pro•m•emo wholesale member and enjoy the benefits of providing a valued service to your clients while gaining a new income stream.

pro•m•emo released me from an expected lifetime of hurt

“I am so thankful to have been introduced to such an amazing, inspiring yet simple treatment for something I believed would have a hold of me for the rest of my life”


pro•m•emo took the fear away from my cancer diagnosis

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during the recovery phase I was given Pro.m.emo to help deal with all the overwhelming emotions that come with such a diagnosis. In particular was the sense of fear and worry. Pro.m.emo has been amazing. The tight stomach and tension eased right off. I was able to think straight and be present for my family and work efficiently regardless of my stressful situation. I highly recommend pro.m.emo to everyone.”

– Julie

My head is finally clear

“Pro.m.emo elixirs have worked wonders for me. When I feel anxious and when my mind will not switch off I take 3 drops of Calm and in minutes I am in a state to keep on going with my day, with a clear mind. I carry the set with me at all times. I wouldn’t be without it now.”


“Calm” helped me let go of anxiety

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started taking ‘Calm’… never tried anything like this before. I was still experiencing my feelings of agitation when something upset me, but as I reflected on it a few days later, I realised that it wasn’t staying with me like it used to. I was letting go of my feelings of ‘upset’ with out immediately realising it.”


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