FlameTree Healing Session 1-on-1

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Experience inspiration, good health, happiness, tranquillity, calmness, inner peace and ultimately for all FlameTree recipients, the possible fulfilment of their life’s purpose.

Progress into a life of Being in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism™.

Every session is another layer resolved of unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues transformed into healthy ones, with out the need for tests, tools or a bucket load of products.

Book your next session now with the founder Rhett Ogston. Dubbed the father of fractal medicine, Rhett’s experience and wisdom transmutes into the transformative healings he provides for his clients world-wide.

Existing medical wisdom doesn’t always have all the answers. FlameTree can provide healing where other medical practices have let you down. FlameTree awakens connections between the mind and body to activate the intelligence of your innate to guide the healing process transforming unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues into healthy bio-electric signals and cues. As a holistic healing system, it targets physical symptoms and can have a transformative effect on your psychological state. In a FlameTree session imbalances amongst all 8 frequencies of your being can be resolved in priority healing order uniquely for you.

Sessions range from 1 hour – 2.5 hours.

[If products are identified in your session, this is via direction from your innate and is specific to you via ‘other modalities’ indicated.]





FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is the most comprehensive and succinct energy medicine method available today and we cannot wait to blow you away in terms of your healing.

In a healing session, your healer is directed via your bodies inbuilt feedback reflex through all 8 frequencies of the human body (BodyMind Complex) and taps into your innate not only identifying core issues impacting your current health but finalising the session with a range of corresponding techniques in accordance with the issues and unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues identified. In your session, your healer will release blockages that are causing you disharmony, disease and ill-health.

Not only will your health improve, but your personal development will also improve in leaps and bounds. Experience FlameTree to improve yourself, to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Dedicate your life to living happier and healthier, living optimally and purposefully.

Rhett Ogston (founder of FlameTree) provides sessions in-person in Melbourne, Australia or worldwide remotely.

Please contact Reception to reserve a time +61413858505.

The FlameTree Effect

By experiencing FlameTree sessions you can achieve the FlameTree effect. This is the resolution of unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues, which can allow FlameTree recipients to progress into a life of Being in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism. This can then allow them to resume Being their optimal self, which may be experienced as inspiration, good health, happiness, tranquillity, calmness, inner peace and ultimately, for all FlameTree recipients, the possible fulfilment of their life’s purpose.

The FlameTree Goal

To raise humanity’s consciousness to a previously unattained level of peace, abundance and prosperity, in which every individual is free from their self-imposed limiting beliefs. This leads to the ultimate goal of enabling humanity to belong to a successful global civilisation, where we are all equal custodians of a sustainable and workable world that benefits all sentient beings.

1 review for FlameTree Healing Session 1-on-1

  1. Nicole Boncaldo

    Hi 😊I just want to say how grateful and appreciative i am of Rhett and how lucky i am to have found him and his beautiful wife Gabbi. When ever i let Rhett know something isn’t right with my boys who are 9 and 6 years old he gets straight onto it and helps them no waiting weeks or months either! Within a few days at the most the healing is done. I know how busy Rhett is and the fact he always makes time to help my boys means the world to me. Ill be forever grateful to him and Flame Tree 🙏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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