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A simple practice that will transform your emotional wellbeing

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) has it’s immediate roots in EFT – or tapping – a practice also known as “emotional acupuncture”. It is an evolution of the ancient Chinese wisdom of acupuncture, used to harmonise the energy pathways of the body.

Rhett Ogston has further developed the principles of these therapies to create UEFT, which gently engages pressure points in the body to help calm and regulate emotions.

UEFT is safe, effective and easy to learn and can have a transformative effective on your life if you are affected by emotional pain and distress.

This 2 hour online course is comprehensive and simple to follow and once complete you will be able to perform this 50 second emotional freedom technique ANYWHERE!


Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach

What Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) can do for you

UEFT was designed to assist with healing fears and phobias, emotional traumas, panic, frustration, exhaustion and over-thinking, sadness, addictions and compulsions. It may also provide relief for physical symptoms of emotional trauma such as headaches, pain and weight. It is a gentle process that allows the body to realign its energies through the engagement of pressure points to help you achieve peace and vitality.

UEFT emotional freedom technique online

Manage Your Emotions

Get off the emotional rollercoaster of stress, anxiety, fear and sadness. Achieve emotional harmony and feel more able to deal with challenging people in your life.

UEFT emotional freedom technique online

Achieve Mental Clarity

Sharpen your cognitive abilities and feel your thoughts become clearer and more focused. Free your mind to focus on growth, personal developments and projects that matter to you.

UEFT emotional freedom technique online

Feel Energised

Feel the physical symptoms of your overwrought emotional state melt away. Decrease headaches, tension and pain and gain more energy to invest in your passions.

Real people talk about the calming impact of UEFT

“UEFT helped my family to be a more relaxed, happy and enjoyable household. I got so much benefit from the technique that I then certified to become a technician. When my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I was able to use the technique to help manage my own and my daughter’s stress. I didn’t realise what a huge impact it was actually having on my life at the time until I was speaking to another mother who was going through a very similar situation. She couldn’t believe how clear-headed and rational I was in the crisis and said when her daughter was diagnosed; she was a mess and barely left the house for three months. That made me realise how much UEFT had helped me through a traumatic situation. I would recommend the UEFT course to anybody. It’s a great tool.”


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