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When life is holding you back from true health

Sometimes the road you travel isn’t easy. You may be physically unwell or just fatigued and not feeling at your best. Perhaps you’re struggling with people or situations in your life from the past or present that are causing you emotional pain, grief or trauma.

We focus on restoring your peace and vitality by caring for you holistically – not only looking at symptoms or issues in isolation. We can support you whether you’re seeking immediate treatment, wanting to embark on a journey of growth and personal development, or simply looking for products to support your holistic lifestyle.

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Healing Treatment

Rhett is qualified in a variety of therapeutic modalities intended to support physical and emotional wellbeing. Book today and your treatment approach will be personalised as part of your session.

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Personal Development

Are you ready to grow and develop and support beyond your physical and emotional wellbeing for the long term? Register today and one of our trained practitioners will call you to discuss course options.

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Holistic Living Products

We offer a variety of nourishing, holistic living products crafted with your experience in mind; as well as resources and courses to support your journey to finding more balance, healing, emotional harmony and vitality in your everyday.

Take the first step to life-long change & optimal health today

Whether you’re needing immediate treatment for present issue or longer term personal development we have options to suit your needs.

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Book in for a FlameTree Healing Session

FlameTree can provide healing where other medical practice has let you down. As a holistic healing system, it targets physical symptoms and can have a transformative effect on your psychological state.

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Learn UEFT Emotional Freedom Course Online

UEFT is a gentle process that was designed to assist with healing emotional trauma. It may also provide relief for physical symptoms of emotional trauma such as headaches, pain and weight.

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