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Learn bio-energetic & energy medicine systems, that are truly integrative & priority-based, addressing all levels of consciousness.

Rhett’s expertise with over 30 years in the healing space, multiple degrees and certificates has provided him with a wealth of knowledge, passion and foresight to create a foundational system to help transform health, that integrates all alternative and Western modalities and more, into a simple systematic, protocol and procedure that can be taught to anyone providing phenomenal results.

A world-first in bio-energetic, fractal medicine, FlameTree, which heals the body via all 8 frequencies beyond the mind, body, spirit and emotions paradigm, delving into all levels of consciousness, Rhett’s signature personal development & healing system is taught three to four times annually. He additionally provides health courses in optimising memory and emotional wellbeing that can be learnt in isolation to FlameTree or to be weaved into the foundational tapestry of the FlameTree system. Each of his courses were created to provide you the healer, the ability to offer your clients or community cutting edge and transformational tools & techniques to integrate seamlessly into your clinical space that will set you apart and your clients will love.


Rhett Ogston - world first fractal medicine

Online & Interactive Health & Wellness Courses

Expand your Wellness Practise with:

Rhett Ogston Professional development


the personal development & healing system

6-day Immersive course

A simple but in-depth, fractal protocol teaches you to heal all 8 body frequencies. Via direction from your clients own innate wisdom, you’re guided to the best possible treatment, in a priority order for them to heal optimally. Simply integrated within your current health modalities.

Rhett Ogston Professional development


Universal Emotional Freedom Technique

2-hour online Training

An efficient 12-step technique to process and release emotions, emotional stress, fears and phobias that requires no needles, no complicated algorithms or long tapping sequences. It’s easy, gentle and clients adopt it quickly with outstanding and long lasting results every time.

Rhett Ogston Professional development


Mind Enhancement and Memory Optimisation

1-day workshop

MEMO strengthens your brain. This course teaches you techniques that will transform your mind and memory, and read at a profound speed. Turn your mind into a complete powerhouse, transforming your ability to learn large amounts of information and retain it.

Rhett Ogston Professional development


Process My Emotions Essences

2- hour online Advanced Clinic Training

Offer specialised pro•m•emo blends following unique protocols for treating any emotion, blend of emotions or imbalance of elements. This unique advanced training will provide you the ability to incorporate your essences in clinic following a individualised treatment protocol.


A 6-day Bioenergetic Healing Immersion Course. The world’s first fractal healing & personal development system addressing all 8 frequencies of the BodyMind.

May 3-8th 2024. Melbourne & Online. Places are limited.

Rhett has designed an extraordinary and comprehensive course

“When I read about FlameTree, I knew I had to try a session and just after 1 session, I wanted to learn everything about it. I believe FlameTree it is the bio-energetic healing system of the future. Rhett and Gabi are amazing, genuine and have been so supportive right from the beginning. I have two young kids and didn’t think I could study right now but they made it happen. I brought along my 8 month old baby to the 6 day course with a baby- sitter so I could continue to breastfeed. Rhett has designed an extraordinary and comprehensive course which conveys so much of his wealth of knowledge. I am currently in the mentoring program and excited about certifying as a FlameTree healer later this year. 
I am jumping ahead of myself but I can’t wait to learn the Advanced Flametree course in next couple of years.”


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