Courses and Natural Products for Health

The Rhett Ogston Applications suite of systems, tools, techniques & products integrate science and traditional Eastern medicine theories.

Provide opportunity for transformation not only for yourself but for the wellbeing of your clients and community too.

Expand your knowledge and studies whilst offering your clientele and community new and cutting edge tools and techniques to gain optimal results for not only their health & personal development but expand your business growth potential too.

Rhett’s broad experience in healing in both Eastern and Western medicine practises, plus his dedication and mission to transforming and optimising his clients health and wellbeing to new and profound levels is evident in every product and all techniques that he teaches.

Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach

Learn Alternative Healing Courses & Expand your Wellness Practise

Rhett-Ogston-Professional-development-personal development and healing system with energy medicine Australia Melbourne and online healing course


 the personal development & healing system

[In-person & online 6 day course]

The signature ROA. A simple to follow protocol that provides your clients the possibility to heal directly from their own innate wisdom, providing them with the best health treatment, in priority order for their body to heal optimally. Easily integrated alongside your current health modalities.

Rhett-Ogston-Professional-development-Universal Emotional Freedom Technique


Universal Emotional Freedom Technique

[Online 2-hour course]

An efficient 12-step technique to process and release emotions, emotional stress, fears and phobias that requires no needles, no complicated algorithms or long tapping sequences. It’s easy, gentle and clients adopt it quickly with outstanding and long lasting results every time.

Rhett-Ogston-Professional-development-process my emotions natural essences for natural therapies


Process My Emotions essences

[Natural vibrational essences]

Offer your community a simple system of 6 natural vibrational essences that cover all of their emotions, to improve their overall emotional wellbeing or address specific emotional traumas and triggers from the past. They are the first-aid kit for your emotions.

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Rhett-Ogston-The Eternal warriors smile bookguide for health, success and natural healing


Personal & professional development resources to expand your own growth as well as within your clinical practice authored by Rhett Ogston. The first book in his suite of 4, The Eternal Warrior’s Smile, is already providing his community profound transformation.

Rhett Ogston Professional development


Rhett’s speciality in bio-energetic healing, science and results driven modalities and techniques, as a result offers you a range of research that can expand your knowledge and offer revolutionary growth for healing in your space.

Rhett-Ogston-Natural health posters for wellness therapies, health clinics and kinesiology


Created for the Rhett Ogston Applications, the posters include study aids and clinical resources for a variety of modalities including FlameTree, Ayurveda and chakras, TCM five-elements and Chinese clock, Anatomy of Emotions, Planets and more.

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