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Finding purpose through the gift of healing

Rhett’s journey as a healer was sparked by a very personal event. His mother was struck and almost killed by a careless driver, leaving her with lifelong injuries and pain.  Dissatisfied with the lack of options available to relieve her suffering, Rhett embarked on what become a 20-year exploration of scientific research and study into a variety of Western and Eastern healing methodologies. Rhett’s discoveries during this period have resulted in innovative new approaches to healing, including:

• FlameTree – the personal development & healing system, which harnesses the power of the body’s innate wisdom to provide faster, more effective healing.

• UEFT – Universal Emotional Freedom Technique – a gentle therapy to assist people dealing with emotional traumas, pain and distress

• pro•m•emo essences – Process My Emotions, natural products & remedies that assist the body in processing emotions and achieving emotional harmony and wellbeing. 

Rhett Ogston
Process my emotions essences founder. natural products for health

Commitment to advancing knowledge about healing

Rhett has a thirst for knowledge that has led him to immerse himself in learning about the human mind and body. After five years as a research scientist, exploring subjects such as biotechnology, pathology and physics, he undertook a honours project investigating the immunomodulatory properties of Chinese herbs.

Using his scientific background, he was able to demonstrate the efficacy and beneficial effects of an age-old medicinal system, adding to the collective body of knowledge of science at the same time.

After a brief period travelling in the USA, he completed a degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology at RMIT. In addition to his three degrees, three advanced diplomas and two clinical internships at teaching hospitals in China, Rhett has achieved certification in a variety of treatment modalities and continues to investigate innovative approaches to healing.

Rhett, the person

Rhett’s true passion is people. Pragmatic and down-to-earth, he has deep compassion for his clients and routinely goes above and beyond in his care. A devoted family man, he carries out his work in partnership with his partner, Gabi – surrounded by three rambunctious sons and two enthusiastic spaniels.

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