flametree : the personal development and healing system


FLAMETREE: the personal development & healing system, is an uniquely integrative, bioenergetic, medicine system that locates, neutralizes and releases energetic blockages within the body which are adversely impacting the natural and innate healing communications of the body, all via direction from your body.

FlameTree is the only system created in the world that is inclusive of everything that currently exists in this present moment and is open to the possibility of any invention in the future. FlameTree is an architectural multi-dimensional fractal masterpiece that has no boundaries, is limitless in its application and generates healthy bio-electric signals and cues, and yet its design is simple and easy to follow and can be learned by anyone.


Either come and see a FT practitioner for a healing session using state of the art technology and an integrative system to bring your body back into a state of balance and health. Also if you wish to help others, our FlameTree courses will not only improve your own health through healing yourself but once certified you may assist others in their health journey.

FLAMETREE HEALERS are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of their clients via returning communication pathways within the body and locating the root cause of disease or disharmony within. Whilst improving the health and life of their clients, FlameTree healers assist to raise the level of human consciousness to a height that has never before been seen; to free the world of self imposed limiting beliefs to benefit all of humanity; to aid in the realization of a successful global civilization that is custodian of a sustainable and workable world.