Simple 12-step process


A simple way you can support struggling clients with a highly efficacious Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) is a simple therapy you can offer to clients dealing with emotional pain and distress that can have a transformative effect on their wellbeing. UEFT has it’s immediate roots in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – also known as tapping, and originally stemming from Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

Evolving from the ancient Chinese wisdom of acupuncture, used to harmonise the energy pathways of the body, Rhett Ogston has further developed the principles of these therapies to create UEFT, which gently engages specific pressure points in the body not requiring any tapping, to help calm and regulate emotions.

Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach

What Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) can do for you

Clients with past trauma or current stress and anxiety may need additional support that falls outside your primary therapeutic offering. UEFT enables you provide a simple technique to support emotional healing. UEFT is an excellent complement to many physical therapies and counselling techniques, helping you provide a more holistic treatment approach as you assist clients in their journey towards wellness.

Universal Emotional Freedom technique body and mind

Enhance your treatment options

Expand your practice to help clients manage their health more holistically – caring for the body and the mind together.

Universal Emotional Freedom technique body and mind

Simple to learn
and teach

The technique requires no needles, no complicated algorithms or long tapping sequences. It’s easy, gentle and clients adopt it quickly.

Universal Emotional Freedom technique body and mind

Fast results & positive referrals

Clients achieve immediate benefits and swift, lasting results – often leading to positive word-of-mouth referrals for your business.

What practitioners say about the value of UEFT in their practice

“UEFT is easy to learn and has been a welcome addition to my practice. Based on my clinical experience I choose to offer UEFT as an option for clients presenting with emotional stress and tension which often impacts on their chronic pain. I find that clients adapt easily when I am using UEFT and they are keen to refer friends and family to me for this experience – which has been incredibly positive for my practice.”

– Dr George Dellas (Certified registered Chinese medicine practitioner), Naturopath, EFT and UEFT Technician

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