Empowerment, Health & Happiness with Energy Medicine

Do you want to empower yourself with self-healing techniques?


Learn about your natural healing ability through Reiki and connect with your inner healer. Reiki brings peace of mind, calm and relaxation so that your body can heal itself.

We offer traditional Usui Reiki, teaching you the key principles of spirituality and meditation, whilst developing practical skills to empower your own health and happiness.

Our Reiki course is designed for students to feel safe, guided and nurtured. With an open heart and intent to learn, all students will benefit from the wisdom of a Usui Reiki master and bioenergetic healer, Rhett Ogston, with a background in science, immunology, Chinese medicine, and over 30 other health qualifications.

As you progress through these courses, you will learn about Reiki, the Chakra system and a variety of self-healing techniques. You will also receive attunements (depending on your level of training including Master level) from Rhett himself.


Rhett Ogston - world first fractal medicine

Taking a step into Reiki

It is one of the most rewarding paths you will ever take. It is simple, safe and completely natural.

It is a practice which loves and nurtures you. A path of pure nourishment to reconnect with yourself, others and the world in a deeper and more wholesome way.

It is a tool to help you along your life’s journey to better health, wellbeing and a deeper spiritual connection.

Reiki will gently guide you until you find your own inner wisdom and clarity on how to achieve your highest potential in life.

Everyone has the power within them to make change, Reiki can help you find it.


After completing a Reiki course with us, you will be able to:


Begin a journey of self-healing that is natural, effective and even enjoyable

Understand how to use Reiki for complementary health on your own or with others

Develop your own personal practice using intuition from connection to Spirit

Use your new knowledge and abilities to work as a professional practitioner


Learn Reiki in a relaxing and nurturing environment.

If you have read about Reiki and the benefits that it has to offer but have not been able to start practicing yet, this is the course for you. Discover how easy it can be to start treating yourself and others with Reiki from day one of your course. Learn from a professional Reiki teacher who has a passion for helping people connect with their natural healing ability and maximise their potential through Self-healing.

Reiki I, or Shoden as it is known by the Japanese, is a beautiful introduction to the world of Reiki. You learn how to give Reiki to yourself and others, and receive a full treatment. The goal of Reiki Level One is for you to experience self-sustaining results from your treatments!

Days: 1

Price: $389

Location: Balaclava, VIC

First intake 2023: Feb 4th



Reiki Level Two is traditionally referred to as Okuden and translates to “Inner teachings”. During Reiki Level Two you continue your Reiki training and your connection to Reiki is enhanced when you’re introduced to tools that connect you more deeply to Reiki. You also learn how to use these tools when treating others so a deeper level of healing takes place in them.

Days: 1

Price: $389

Location: Balaclava, VIC


Deepen your Reiki abilities for yourself and those you wish to assist. During this course, you are introduced to tools that significantly enhance your connection to Reiki.  Using these tools in your Reiki practice (self or professionally), assists you to achieve a deeper and more profound level of healing.

A fundamental aspect of this course is learning how to operate from your hara, (centre) in your daily life. Operating from your centre leads to greater experiencing of peace as well as a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Days: 1

Price: $389

Location: Balaclava, VIC

Rhett has designed an extraordinary and comprehensive course

“When I read about FlameTree, I knew I had to try a session and just after 1 session, I wanted to learn everything about it. I believe FlameTree it is the bio-energetic healing system of the future. Rhett and Gabi are amazing, genuine and have been so supportive right from the beginning. I have two young kids and didn’t think I could study right now but they made it happen. I brought along my 8 month old baby to the 6 day course with a baby- sitter so I could continue to breastfeed. Rhett has designed an extraordinary and comprehensive course which conveys so much of his wealth of knowledge. I am currently in the mentoring program and excited about certifying as a FlameTree healer later this year.
I am jumping ahead of myself but I can’t wait to learn the Advanced Flametree course in next couple of years.”


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