Reiki Level 2 (Okuden)


Reiki Level Two is traditionally referred to as Okuden and translates to “Inner teachings”.

After this day course you will be able to use these tools when treating others so a deeper level of healing takes place in them.
Location: Balaclava VIC, Australia
Time: 10am


Reiki Level Two — Course Content


Learn the names and uses of two special Reiki symbols
You continue your Reiki journey and deepening your connection to Reiki by using this next stage to enhance your Reiki abilities on  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


One symbol enhances your mental focus, one restores you to balance on a mental and emotional level, and another is used to treat people at a distance. You also learn how to incorporate these symbols into your Reiki practice when you treat others.


Learn distant/remote Reiki
During Reiki Level Two you have an opportunity to send Reiki to one of your friends or family members to enhance their health. Learn how to use Reiki on people regardless of where they are in the world. Learn more about Distant Reiki and how it can help you and others here.


Move toward your future and leave your past behind with Reiki
Unprocessed events from your past can limit your ability to be happy, abundant and healthy in the present moment. In Reiki Level Two you learn techniques to help you effectively release the past so you feel and function better every day.


Clear spaces of unwanted energy & protect yourself
Home, workplace or somewhere else… Where ever you are you want energy to flow. Reiki teaches you how to clear your spaces of unwanted energy so your environment is one of flow.


Reiki in professional practice
Practicing Reiki professionally is an option once you complete Reiki Level Two. We guide you though the information you need in order to perform a professional Reiki treatment.


During Reiki Level One you learn traditional hand positions to prepare for a treatment so you can assist others with Reiki. During Reiki Level Two we describe to you the process where you learn to develop your intuition so you can better “feel” where Reiki is needed on yourself and others.


An individual Reiki Level Two attunement
This attunement gifts you the Reiki tools that promote a deeper level of healing in yourself and others.


Reiki Level One revision
We revise all aspects of Reiki Level One and strengthen any areas of uncertainty so that you can feel confident in your abilities.


A comprehensive manual and certificate
You receive an excellent reference manual that is yours for keeps. You also receive a certificate.


Duration: 8 hours
Date TBC: Feb 25 2023