The Strategies To Achieve Results and Success (STARS) to create emotional mastery and a winner’s mindset master class is proving to be what people in the ROA community (and what I believe everyone else secretly) wants. It makes sense because deep down, we all want to be better. Personally, I want to be the best dad I can to my children because I adore them. If there is a workshop or course or master class, on being a better parent, I’m interested. Well, the STARS master class may assist you to be a better parent. That should make sense because a lot of being a parent is being emotionally available to your youngsters.


Being emotionally available doesn’t stop at your children though, if you are part of a family, then you need to be ‘emotionally present’ for your family, if you’re single then you need to be emotionally available to a potential partner. So working with being emotionally available, the next trait that the free STARS master class may assist you with, to build into your repertoire of optimally living is to

Sculpt the right self-image


Most people walk through life using what life coaches’ call ‘negative self-talk’. Said simply they speak about themselves, to themselves, when they are by themselves, negatively. They doubt their own natural God-given abilities and devalue themselves, and then they continually reinforce this to themselves… whereas the complete opposite of winners/champions is true. Winners have a higher self-image than the average person. Winners appreciate that their self-image (how they see themselves) directly influences the amount of success they can generate in their life. In the master class, you will learn a specific strategy that may assist you to lose the negative self-talk and begin constructing a winners mindset that consists of confident self-images, high value and belief in your abilities so that you can be the winner in your life, fuelling yourself with encouragement to live optimally.  


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