The FlameTree eBook vol.1 – The science of enlightenment and healing

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You may be wondering what FlameTree is all about.

Discover how and why FlameTree has the potential to change your life.

Experience inspiration, good health, happiness, tranquillity, calmness, inner peace and ultimately for all FlameTree recipients, the possible fulfilment of their life’s purpose.

Learn how unhealthy and healthy bio-electric signals and cues affect your every day and long-term health.

Progress into a life of Being in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism™.




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THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU | Read all about it in the FlameTree eBook. Download your very own copy.

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is the most comprehensive and succinct energy medicine course available today and we cannot wait to blow you away.

Learn about the 8 frequencies of the human body and how you can tap into the innate to release blockages that are causing disharmony and disease.

Use FlameTree to improve yourself, to live the life you have always dreamed of, or certify as a FlameTree Healer and improve the lives of others on a daily basis.

Dedicate your life to living happier and healthier, living optimally and purposefully.

READ the FlameTree eBOOK and start your journey with us RIGHT NOW. We absolutely can’t wait to see you within the community.


The FlameTree Goal

To raise humanity’s consciousness to a previously unattained level of peace, abundance and prosperity, in which every individual is free from their self-imposed limiting beliefs. This leads to the ultimate goal of enabling humanity to belong to a successful global civilisation, where we are all equal custodians of a sustainable and workable world that benefits all sentient beings.

1 review for The FlameTree eBook vol.1 – The science of enlightenment and healing

  1. George

    A great introduction to the outstanding healing system FlameTree that I’m using everyday in my natural therapies clinic to integrate the many modalities I have learned and practised over the last few decades, to ensure I get my clients the best possible results for their healing.

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