Anatomy of Emotions Downloadable


The Anatomy of Emotions reference is a guide for you to wander deeply into your emotional state, allowing you to succinctly name your emotion and therefore allow ease in processing that emotion. Being mindful of the emotion you are feeling is the first step in letting go and releasing your emotional state so that you can continue to live in the present with health, harmony and balance.


The Anatomy of Emotions is a clear and concise guide to identifying your Primary or Pure Emotion along with the Anatomy or secondary emotions that fall into the category of the Primary emotion.

For example, the emotion Frustration is the anatomy of the primary emotion of Anger.

The Zang and Fu Organs (according to Chinese medicine) are identified in relation to the Emotion as well as the Element concordance and the associated Essence that can assist to shift any disharmony in the Element, Zang or fu Organ or the Emotion.

The Anatomy of Emotions Guide can be used simply on its own as a reference or alongside ROA products such as the pro·m·emo essences, UEFT and FlameTree: the personal development and healing system

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