In the FREE ONLINE Strategies To Achieve Results and Success (STARS) to create emotional mastery and a winner’s mindset master class, I discuss a key trait of winning champions. I am blogging about it because I think it is super important for everyone who is not yet in the ROA community to know about it as well.


So for all of those people who are interested in achieving more in life and living optimally as well as living your purpose, please enjoy this post and if you haven’t already done so, sign up for the free master class to learn more strategies.




Champions and winners commit to the process


Let’s say your goal is to lose 10kg and you decide that running is how you are going to do it. You don’t wake up the next morning and run a marathon and then be like, well that’s done!


Champions love the trivial things just as much as they love the end result.


If weight loss is your goal and you want to be a champion at it, you learn to do the trivial things and keep your focus on your summit of weight loss. And remember the movie ‘The Crow well’ there is a great quote from it…

“Little things used to mean so much to Shelly. I used to think they were kind of trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial.”


A champion knows that every part of their preparation is important and they are committed to improving each and every aspect of their endeavour every single day. In my last blog I discussed the work ethic of Michael Jordan and another fact about Jordan, is that he was renowned for being the first to practice and last to leave. The entire time he was at practice he enjoyed all of the trivial details of his preparation and drills just as much as his crowning moments. 


 Champions understand that it’s the daily basics and enjoying the grind that produces immense achievement.


In the STARS masterclass we discuss how commitment is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in relation to success and making gains are achieved.


It’s easier to talk a good game than to play one. Each and every time they go into practice, it’s not about winning the competition, it’s about practising for the day where they need the 1% that all their competitors did not practice.


When I studied Chinese medicine, I did not study for what was going to be on the exam to get good grades, I studied everything so that one day when a client who had been everywhere and tried everything came to me, sitting across from me… hoping… but I did not want them to have to hope. Studying for the things I would see everyday as well as things I would probably never see, prepares me for the day that I see that 1% and in that moment, I win the championship (of Chinese medicine) but so too does my client, their family and the world because we all get a quality player back in the game of life, who soon returns to living optimally and purposefully. In that way, by practicing for the 1%, I am preparing myself for greatness in terms of healing a client.


In all my studies and applications that I create I love the process, the tactics, the game, win or lose, on both good days and bad days, I seize any chance to play or practice and that is how champions keep committed… they developing their resilience.


The trait here is commitment and if you put that together with persistence, the ability to look past the occasional inevitable setback, keep you focus on your summit, and stay optimistic, then you are on the road to becoming your own champion in your own life. Investigate the STARS master class to learn more and continue to live optimally and live purposefully.


After all, if you can’t believe in you, who can?



“Sweat in practice so you don’t bleed in war.”


– Spartan warriors

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