The power of UEFT as a healing tool comes from a quantum leap in understanding and by returning its precursor EFT back to it Chinese medicine roots whilst maintaining its rich blend of modern psychological principles and ancient Chinese wisdom. UEFT takes modern psychological principles and integrates them with bio-energetic and Chinese medicine to benefit the mind-body connection. When your body’s energy meridians are balanced via UEFT you are better equipped for emotional healing to occur.


 UEFT is now used by hundreds of people around the world, but few are aware of its detailed and fascinating history. UEFT was first taught in 2012 as part of an advanced bio-energetic healing system known as FlameTree: the personal development & healing system ( and yet its fundamental roots date back thousands of years. It was through the development of FlameTree that scientific principles, Chinese medicine, EFT and Western understandings e.g. physiology and psychology, were seamlessly integrated into one system in a unique blend that gave rise to UEFT in a way that works by capitalising on the strengths of each different modality.



Traditional Chinese Medicine and a specialised field known as abdominal acupuncture [theory of Shenque (umbilicus) modulation system], provides the foundation for UEFT.



Acupuncture is part of an ancient healing art that involves the insertion of needles, in order to harmonize the energy pathways (meridians) of your body. This practice remains widely used today, particularly in the East and is gaining popularity in the West. The great news for participants of UEFT is that there are no needles in the UEFT procedure and in this way UEFT has an advantage over acupuncture in that it appeals to people who do not enjoy being pricked.

UEFT also incorporates EFT, which is sometimes referred to as “emotional acupuncture.” EFT began its development away from acupuncture and toward EFT in 1962 when George Goodheart, a well-known American chiropractor became interested in the possibilities acupuncture could offer his practice. From these principles Dr. Goodheart developed “applied kinesiology” which involved tapping rather than needling meridians. In the 1970s, Goodheart’s work was furthered by Australian psychiatrist John Diamond, who began treating his patients’ emotional issues with a combination of positive self-statements and meridian tapping. Diamond named his new method “behavioural kinesiology.” This development continued on with American psychologist Roger Callahan who transformed meridian tapping into a distinct form of psychological treatment.

Dr. Callahan who specialised in treating patients who suffered from anxiety and phobias, accidently discovered that tapping on strategic combinations of points could produce levels of emotional healing that were impossible to achieve using traditional psychotherapy alone. Dr. Callahan devoted himself to developing specific sequences of acupoints, or “algorithms,” for every type of emotional problem. This method he named “The Callahan Techniques”, but it later became known as Though Field Therapy (TFT).
Dr. Callahan’s algorithms were not without their drawbacks. It was necessary to muscle test every patient in order to determine the appropriate tapping points, and this was both time consuming and difficult to do—and certainly not an easy process to teach others. One of Dr. Callahan’s star pupils, Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer, independently sought to simply TFT and in the 1990’s he developed his own single algorithm protocol, which he called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT is just as effective as the more complicated protocols of TFT but it had the advantage of being quicker and easier to learn.


Gary Craig simplified meridian tapping and brought it to the masses. Dr. Rhett Ogston (Chinese medicine) has


continued the evolutionary process that begun with Dr. Goodheart and has created UEFT.


UEFT has many advantages over its predecessors, including but not limited to:



  • NO NEEDLES and
  • NO long complicated algorithm(s)
  • NO long tapping procedures
  • NO need to remember sequences of acupoints


Hence UEFT has been transformed into a highly specific and useful tool that can be learned by just about anyone, even children!
In the West, efforts are underway to establish UEFT’s legitimacy and credibility as a viable treatment method and we have been using the HEHIQ by Bishop et al (2000), to facilitate this requirement. UEFT is based on cutting edge science such as that reported by Professor Irena Cosic who’s work demonstrates that meridians acts as filter systems, which allow only certain frequencies to pass through and attenuate all other frequencies in the body.



Emotions are a frequency – which resonates with the elemental frequencies of the five emotions which are filtered through the meridian system.



In time, UEFT is certain to make its way into the Western medicine system—it’s simply too effective NOT to be included. Currently though, UEFT stands as one of the world’s best-kept secrets in the pursuit of an emotionally free life. Whatever your beliefs are, whether you are possess the self-help mindset or not, we hope you try UEFT for yourself. It works! Why would you not try it out and at least give yourself the chance to transform your life.