This book will change everything!

Follow this inspirational guidance to discover what

you will do to transform from a worrier to a WARRIOR…

Rhett integrates an incredible wealth of knowledge, encompassing ancient Eastern healing, academic research, and real-life experience, to coach you step-by-step in achieving emotional, financial and career freedom; attaining purpose and self-confidence and also having powerful, connected relationships while gaining the knowledge and courage to redefine the optimal version of yourself.

The Eternal Warrior’s Smile is the answer to many questions, like “is there more to life?” Or thoughts of – “What if?”

Have you ever looked at someone and said to yourself “I wish I had the courage to do that?” Well, what’s stopping you? What are you worried about?

This book gives you the tools to remove limitations, be active in your existence, ignite your belief in yourself and know it is you controlling your destiny. As your optimal inner being reawakens, you will be transformed and no longer be cocooned by self-imposed limiting beliefs or a false reality, but be renewed by possessing inspiration, authenticity and The “Warrior” mindset, able to master your complete being. You will become the Warrior, by being able to –

Discover the four elements of the awakening process
Eliminate all fear with one simple technique
Understand the universe and where you are
Understand thoughts, emotions, intentions, and feelings and how they influence everything that you are connected to…
And more…!

Enjoy the first book in the suite and dare to be the eternal warrior and achieve the eternal warrior’s smile.

“Rhett Ogston just turns the light on inside your head. I can’t believe how inspiring or willing to share he is. He’s changed my life for the better forever…” Ross, A Warrior

“Rhett can bring me to tears. His love, sharing and compassion is so inspiring to me. This world needs more people like him. People who truly care about anybody and everything and treat everybody equally, no matter where you are in your life or what you’ve been through! He is a true inspiration…Big Love…” Lee, A Warrior