If you’re interested in a life of optimal health & purpose then bioenergetic medicine and healing could be the perfect pathway for you. Firstly, let’s introduce you to the ROAs and the difference between Energy Medicine and Bioenergetic Medicine. All Rhett Ogston Applications (ROAs) are a comprehensive and complete suite of services, techniques and products of which FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is the signature application. FlameTree falls under the categories of Bioenergetic Medicine, Neuroplasticity and Biotechnology.

FlameTree, as a bioenergetic personal development & healing system is inclusive of energy medicine and meets the criteria of the six pillars of energy medicine.



What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is the practice of medicine using energy or rather the flow of energy as a medium for healing. Unlike western medicine, which is predominantly based on biochemistry through the use of pharmaceuticals, energy medicine is based on the biophysics (the interdisciplinary science that applies theories and methods of the physical sciences to questions of biology) of the body. Energy medicine practices, however, still focus on healing the body, mind and spirit, albeit in a natural and balanced way. Examples of energy medicine includes, but not limited to traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki, light, colour, and sound healing.

What is Bioenergetic Medicine?

Bio-energetic medicine concerns the application of biophysics and physics (the branch of science concerned with the study of properties and interactions of space, time, matter and energy) to the study of life. Bio-energetic Medicine is focused on the transfer of information and how this regulates and controls the processes of life.


What is FlameTree?

FlameTree is a bio-energetic healing & personal development system, and uses bio-energetic medicine’s focus and goes beyond energy medicine by healing not only the body, mind and spirit, but a further 5 frequencies of the body to bring about healing, as well as evolving a person’s personal development, in natural and a balanced way.

FlameTree is considered to be a neuroplastic application because it changes neural pathways and synapses that occurs as a result of the FlameTree effect leading to desired changes in thought, feeling and actions which leads to changes in certain factors like behaviour, environment, or neural processes. During such changes, the brain engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary or useful, and strengthening the necessary ones for healing and personal development.
FlameTree can be considered as biotechnology because FlameTree is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in health and personal development industries. FlameTree applies bioenergetic medicine to living organisms (i.e. people, plants or animals) through the use of FlameTree technology, and is growing fast and proving to be very effective and powerful. You can learn more by reading the Introductory book to FlameTree. Click below.