Dr. Rhett Ogston (Chinese medicine) created Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) with contributions from Dr. George Dellas (Chinese medicine). Rhett Ogston having investigated EFT and observing that there were numerous acupoints that needed to be tapped, immediately saw an opportunity to simplify and evolve this process due to his Chinese medicine training and in depth understanding of the Chinese medicine meridian theory. One of these evolutions was to reduce the number of acupoints down to only 3 points, based on the meridian theory of confluent (branching) points and the knowledge he acquired during his internship in abdominal acupuncture in Nan Jing, China. Another major evolution came from his science degree and the physics understanding of nodes and antinodes, which combined with the principle of ‘do no harm’ became the reason for no tapping in UEFT.

Dr. Rhett Ogston (Chinese medicine) has more than twenty years experience in the field of healing. He has lived, studied and worked in Australia, America, Holland, China, Thailand, Fiji and Canada. Rhett simultaneously ran two successful clinics in Ivanhoe, Victoria and Chapel Hill, Queensland. He now trains students and professionals. Dr. Rhett Ogston (Chinese medicine) is an AHPRA approved registered health practitioner.

He is the director and founder of Qi Health Clinic Pty Ltd, and this is where he developed and implemented FlameTree: the personal development & healing system; Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT); Mind Enhancement & Memory Optimizer (MEMO), 409 Degrees – Just hold it and pro·m·emo – Process my emotions natural health elixirs.

Rhett is committed to serving people. He has the knowledge, intuition, understanding, skill and heart to reach out to people. As a student of life, Rhett continues to deepen and expand his understanding, knowledge and awareness. As a master of life, Rhett imparts his wisdom, noetic qualities and experiences to his students and his handpicked dedicated team of elite Qi Health Clinic health care professionals.