the pro•m•emo essences


Do you identify with any of these feelings?

anger ~ joy/sadness ~ worry/overthinking ~ grief ~ fear

The Essences are Synergistic & Bioenergetic Blends Fusing Healing Properties from Western and Chinese Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies and Bach Flower Essences.

The pro•m•emo – ‘process my emotions’ natural essences are under the tongue, drop dose remedies to assist to strengthen your emotional processing system when you’re experiencing emotional disturbances either mild to severe.

Each essence may assist you to process fear, love, sadness, grief, melancholy, emotional stress, terror, worry, loneliness, manic excitement, or any emotion that may arise for you whilst strengthening the element in accordance with the Five Element Theory from ancient Chinese medicine teachings. They do not remove the feeling or emotion as such, but rather they assist you with processing those emotions so they do not get ‘stuck’ in your body and progress to physical symptoms.

To explain further, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), if you do not process the emotion of anger, it may progress to the feeling of rage and then present in the body with the correlating physical symptoms of red face, distended arteries and blood vessels, a raised voice, red eyes and rapid breathing. In this example, the pro•m•emo essence Calm, allows the anger to be processed by your BodyMind complex, thereby avoiding the rage and the eventual progression and expression of physical symptoms according to TCM. Here, you achieve emotional balance, have the ability to then respond to the initial trigger that initiated the anger in a calm manner and your health is maintained because your body is not subjected to emotional extremes and subsequent physical symptoms as described by TCM.

This allows you the opportunity for your life to become a journey of calmness and inner peace, where emotions are felt and processed immediately, allowing you to respond and find solutions in virtually any situation that life presents to you.

The benefits of living an emotionally free life are endless and the pro•m•emo essences may be your key to an emotionally responsive life, health and wellness so that you may live the ROA motto: Live optimally. Live purposefully.

Purchase your pro•m•emo essences now; think of it as your emotional first aid kit to life – they are on hand to assist you 24/7. 

If you do not know which essence to select to begin your wellbeing journey, try the 5-element Quiz below.

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pro•m•emo natural health essences