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FlameTree Healing

The Personal Development and Healing System for Optimal Health


FlameTree is a world’s first bio-energetic healing system that integrates all 8 frequencies of the human body systems to achieve healing and personal development on a profoundly deep level. Most health modalities work with the conscious mind, therefore overlooking the subconscious mind where thoughts, belief systems, traumas, and blockages stem from, holding us in limiting patterns and inhibiting healing .

FlameTree helps your to own your future and move past limitations, past conditioning, or traumas. Whether the limitations or trauma is emotional, psychological or physical you are responsible for breaking the cycle. You will never control your future, if you let your present be controlled by your past.


What is FlameTree?

FlameTree is the integration of quantum physics, science, Western medical expertise, spiritual principles, yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, philosophy and understanding of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), I-ching, reiki, ayurvedic medicine, consciousness, body talk, life coaching and the clinical findings of applied kinesiology.


FlameTree doesn’t attempt to make you fit the system, rather the system is unique and adapts itself to you, for you are unique and FlameTree can provide you healing on all levels: Spiritually, Energetically, Sensually, Emotionally, Mentally, Internally, Externally and Physically.


In-person or remote healing sessions are available with founder Rhett Ogston, or find a healer here. FlameTree sessions are the easiest and fastest way to identify your core issues to achieve positive resolutions. FlameTree sessions remove practitioner-bias, allowing your body to direct the healing process, in a unique & and priority driven order for you.

Energy healing courses Australia


An interactive, theoretical and practical immersive course which teaches you skills for your own personal development as well as how to become a healer yourself with the skills to access 8 frequencies of someones innate wisdom to provide transformations for your community or clients that were previously unobtainable. Includes state-of art materials for your continuous practise.


Universal Emotional Freedom Technique



UEFT is an advancement to the well known Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) created by Gary Craig, from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) created by Roger Callahan.

Add UEFT to your toolbox of techniques to assist your peace and inner harmony where ever it is you may be. This simple technique will assist in relieving emotional tension and overwhelm, release emotional trauma from the past and support you to return into a state of presence and wellbeing, in under 50 seconds too!




An emotional health system of natural essences. Synergistic blends of Chinese herbal medicines, Western herbal medicines (naturopathy), homeopathic medicines, flower essences and bio-energetic medicine to support your emotional wellbeing.

Restore balance to your emotional state and include our natural essences as a complementary therapy alongside your current healing process, daily routine and personal journey to wellness.

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