The Science and Achievements of FlameTree – by Rhett Ogston


Everything you need to know explained before you step into an optimal and purposeful life with FlameTree: the personal development and healing system. Rhett has compiled all the science and explains all 8 frequencies of the body and how to restore balance to the BodyMind. Whether you’re searching for wellness, to restore your ill health, or whether your searching for a higher purpose, this book and FlameTree is for you.



FlameTree: the personal development and healing system is the signature component of Rhett Ogston Applications (ROAs). It is a state-of-the-art, bio-energetic personal development and healing system. It is an architectural, multidimensional, fractal masterpiece that has no boundaries, and is limitless in its application, and yet its design is simple and easy to follow for both health care professionals and lay people alike.

It is the only system created in the world that uses the eight frequencies of the BodyMind complex, resolves duality, and balances and enhances consciousness, while using all modalities and everything that currently exists to achieve outcomes for the recipients. Heal via all 8 frequencies: spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, sexual/sensual, internal & external environments and physical.

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