Organic Eye mask by Jivana | ROSEMARY & PEPPERMINT


Peppermint & Rosemary ||  These invigorating herbs may improve breathing by clearing the sinuses, improve mental function & concentration, relieve nervous headaches via calming qualities

Feel a deep sense of relaxation and promote sleep with your very own ORGANIC filled and therapeutic sleep eye mask.

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Take a moment to unwind and escape the frenetic pace of life with the Jivana 100% Handmade Satin & Cotton Eye Masks for eye health, deep sleep and relaxation. Filled with organic and biodynamic flax & mustard seed, and enveloped in 100%, individually handmade satin and cotton materials, Jivana Eye Masks will contour perfectly to the shape of your face to block out light and stimulate the production of melatonin.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Flaxseeds, Mustard seeds*, Peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaf*, Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) leaf* & Essential oils

* Certified organic ingredients