Organic Eye mask by Jivana | JASMINE


The exquisite scent of Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) was used in ancient times for its antidepressant, relaxing, sedative & sensual qualities. Jasmine may comfort your mind & emotions, assist nervous anxiety, restlessness & help you drift off to sleep. Precious Jasmine’s sweet scent is delightfully regarded as the “King of the Oils”, and rightfully so, the process of acquiring the unique scent must be delicate and precise. The delicate leaves are picked at night when the perfume nature provided us is at its highest adored sweetness.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Flaxseeds, Organic Mustard seeds, Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) Essential oil.

Feel a deep sense of relaxation and promote sleep with your very own ORGANIC filled and therapeutic sleep eye mask.

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Take a moment to unwind and escape the frenetic pace of life with the Jivana 100% Handmade Satin & Cotton Eye Masks for eye health, deep sleep and relaxation. Filled with organic and biodynamic flax & mustard seed, and enveloped in 100%, individually handmade satin and cotton materials, Jivana Eye Masks will contour perfectly to the shape of your face to block out light and stimulate the production of melatonin.

Ingredients: Linseed/Flaxseeds*, Mustard seed, Organic + therapeutic grade Jasmine essential oil*

* Certified organic ingredients