Mentorship Subscription

From: $48.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

Ongoing FlameTree mentorship with your FlameTree Instructor.



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This mentorship subscription is for current FlameTree students or Certified FlameTree Healers (CFTH) once the yearly mentorship pathways been completed.

Perks of the FlameTree mentorship pathway:

  • fortnightly 1-hour sessions with the founder
  • access past & present online recordings of the fortnights Q and A time
  • access to online mentorship portal and all study aids and references.
  • connect with the FlameTree community, immerse in healthy bio-electric signals and cues and optimise your health and wellbeing for less than a cup of coffee or tea a day!


Everyday determined to the FlameTree Mission:

To Create a healing & sentient caretaker society


A sentient caretaker society is one where we all live in flow, peace and harmony, with clear communication. In a sentient caretaker society, we would be functioning ultimately, like a stem cell that allows the Earth to differentiate into a ‘healthy planet’ based on the ‘healthy biofields’ arising from the collective consciousness of this society (i.e. all earthlings).

This is one of the intentions of FlameTree: personal development & healing system, and what inspires Certified FlameTree Healers (CFTHs) to do what they do. CFTHs are uniquely positioned to help achieve a sentient caretaker society because we apply the fractal nature of the universe and FlameTree to the ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’, to find a holistic solution to healing.


Subscription options

$1.60 per day to continue on with the mentorship pathway. There is an option to pay this monthly or yearly. If you decide to choose monthly please note that payments will be processed every 30 days (eg. $48/every 30 day cycle) or $584 yearly.

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