FlameTree 5-day Immersion Basic Training Course MELBOURNE (special offer)

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SEPTEMBER 20-24th 2019 MELBOURNE | ST KILDA  – 10 Person limit per course

Come and learn about the eight frequencies of the body, the human biofield, the Absolute Consciousness, the URC (fractal pattern of the bio-electric code physically expressed), cognitive resonance or dissonance, how to live in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism™, and the individual process to reach your optimal and true self, health and development.

Immerse yourself in a healing system that supports you to identify, neutralise and release ‘unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues’, creating healthy ones and supporting you to make them self-generating, while interrupting and changing your default neural pathways, so that you can live a more harmonious and peaceful life, or assist others to feel this too.

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This is an offer for AUS-based health & wellness professionals

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  1. Ground-breaking biofield MTRR
  2. Live biofield-story interpretation
  3. Learn the FlameTree System basic course
  4. All course materials [FlameTree manual, protocol & procedure]
  5. Immersive course taught by the founder


$4999 AUD + gst (from RRP $14,999)

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system introduces mental flexibility to your life, and opens you to the possibility of responding (not reacting) to life, which is far more desirable.

By applying flexibility to your championed and repressed behaviour, you can begin to understand that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are a duality (the opposite sides of the same coin). You will then be able to see that there is no need for any tension to manifest. Reaching this mental state allows you to generate your own healthy bio-electric signals and cues and neural pathways, which may result in a healthier & more enlightened you.

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system offer you a huge range of information from the multiple frequencies of the body included in the system. The materials and manuals are state-of-the-art in healing and bioenergetic medicine, providing you information and learning that will leave you on the edge of your seat ready to make unbelievable changes in your life. The FlameTree course makes learning about health and the human body simple and categorical, allowing absolutely anyone to learn it, especially qualified health practitioners.

1 review for FlameTree 5-day Immersion Basic Training Course MELBOURNE (special offer)

  1. George Dellas

    Before doing the FlameTree course, although I was qualified in various disciplines, there was a feeling that I could do more for my clients, even though I was empathetic and put 100 per cent into all my consultations. Within the first hour of being in the FlameTree course, I immediately identified what was missing from my consultations, and that feeling was appeased!

    What we learnt over the 4 days in the FlameTree is AMAZING! I had NO idea what to expect. This system has changed the way I think about and approach clients now… It does everything that I do, plus more… and it is not limited by the practitioner’s skill base – nor is the practitioner limited by their skill base in using the protocol! Irrespective of your background, from my personal experience, I can confidently say that FlameTree will not only enrich your life, it will enrich what you already know, add to your skill level and achieve outcomes that you did not think possible.

    This is something that in my opinion every practitioner of whatever modality needs to have as their “GPS” to healing their clients! I know this is a big statement to make, but after my experience with it, this is the system that I have been searching for!! I can see the FlameTree being a foundational module for every health care practitioner…

    FlameTree integrates science-healing-art-spirituality-environment-body systems-and more – it is at the cutting edge of healing! As you know I have studied many different healing techniques – and from my experience nothing comes close to the FlameTree approach.

    My life has changed forever!

    I encourage anyone who is genuinely interested in assisting people to create changes in their life to consider embarking on a FlameTree career pathway, or at the very least learn FlameTree to assist yourself and family.

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