Emotional Wellbeing Gift | UEFT Online Course + pro•m•emo Essences Kit


Our Emotional Wellbeing Gift bundle, available only for a limited time, Includes the UEFT online course & materials PLUS the pro•m•emo Essences Kit; including all 6 essences, PLUS the Anatomy of Emotions A4 poster.

PLUS Free Shipping!


Be on your way to Emotional Freedom. Add UEFT to your toolbox of techniques to assist your peace and inner harmony where ever it is you may be. This simple technique will assist in relieving emotional tension and overwhelm, release emotional trauma from the past and support you to return into a state of presence and wellbeing. PLUS a complete set of the Process my emotions Essences. The ultimate emotional health gift pack.

Your UEFT package contains:

1. UEFT online video course

2. UEFT Procedure (A3) Wall Chart

3. UEFT instruction manual

4. Anatomy of Emotions Chart


Your Process My Emotions Essence set contains:

  1. Calm essence | for processing anger | Wood element
  2. Harmonise essence | for processing sadness and over-excitement | Fire element
  3. Carefree essence | for processing worry and overthinking | Earth element
  4. Relief essence | for processing grief and melancholy | Metal element
  5. Love essence | for processing fear | water element
  6. Peace essence | for all emotions | all elements


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