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Being your best is something that, I believe, we all want. To be your best means that every day you work at that big goal, a little bit. I know that many people who are dedicated to being their best don’t know if the radio in their car works because whenever they are in the car, they pair their phone to the radio and listen to self-improvement tracks to get the edge in life… well, that relates to the trait that we are discussing today… so please keep reading and moving toward living optimally :




Never settle for talent alone


Winners and champions understand that talent can only take you so far. Talent is the kick off for the journey but momentum must be maintained or accelerated by hard work.


I was fortunate enough to be growing up when a man known as Michael Jordan emerged onto the basketball scene. When you first saw Jordan it was abundantly clear that the man had astonishing physical attributes. However, it was not his physical gifts that made him a legend, but rather his work ethic. According to Phil Jackson (Jordan’s longtime coach), when Jordan first entered the league, his jump shot wasn’t good enough, so in order to improve, he did hundreds of jump shots a day during the offseason, making sure that the shot was perfection.

A memory that will stay with me forever was reading an article in at where Jackson stated that ‘Jordan’s defining characteristic wasn’t his talent, but having the humility to know he had to work constantly to be the best.’ As with all of us who want to live optimally, we must humbly embrace our shortfalls, and then (as my previous blogs mention) refocus to our summit of living optimally. So if you are talented enough to be emotionally aware, then be humble enough to still work on it until it’s perfect and if you need company while you do that, I will be here doing the same as you and aiming to live optimally by mastering my emotions and winner mindset.


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