It's Time to Make Healing Easier, More Effective and Enlightening...

with FlameTree: the personal development & healing system.

6-day immersion course.

November 25-30.

Online or face-to-face in MELBOURNE.

We are challenged in our day to day practices. We are working with multiple clients encountering more problems all in the attempt to heal.

This is why we use FlameTree. FlameTree enhances your practice, clinical skills and personal development. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting, navigating energy systems, bio-energetic medicines and healing techniques can be tough.

The FlameTree system seeks to illuminate the path to recovery for your client by reconciling multiple healing systems and providing clarity for you, the practitioner. 

Bioenergetic medicine and healing Australia

A word from our founder  

My name is Rhett Ogston and I founded and created the FlameTree Healing System. The FlameTree healing system is unlike any other. I have spent 19 years trying to figure out the connections between healing systems and how they interact with each other. We know that we want our clients to heal, feel better and grow. But how could we pin point what exactly needs to be done for them, and how this could lead to clarity for practitioners too?

FlameTree was created as a state-of-the-art bio-energetic medicine and personal development system that would be truly integrative for all health modalities. FlameTree can be explained scientifically while drawing on a number of well-recognised traditional healing methods.  

  FlameTree offers a way to communicate with, not only these electronic circuits as Oschmann suggests, but all interactions, such as bio-electric signals and cues, between you and your environment (nature), which influences:








My team and I have been developing, beta testing and working on FlameTree and it is now ready for me to take it to the next level with you.

About the course

This course is a unique and phenomenal chance to join me and learn about your potential to heal your clients and grow your practices. Our aim is to make you the best practitioner as you can be. That is it. We want clients to leave feeling optimistic, healed and we want you to feel confident and knowledgeable. You’ll be taught and immersed in:

• The science behind why FlameTree is the future of medicine… and the simple steps you can take to start using it successfully in your practice. Don’t get left behind! 

• The speed-healing secrets of the Human biofield. See how energy and information flows through the body… and why this is so crucial to maintaining good health. 

• You’ll learn how to “fix” these pathways and reactivate the body’s self-healing power.

• What you must know to help your clients restore abundant life and health. 

• How to get your clients raving about your practice. 

• The exact number of health complaint issues to address in any one session! Doing more will not help. In fact, it will do more harm. So, knowing to adhere to these guidelines is crucial for your clients! 

• And so much more!  

When you join me for these 6 enlightening days, you will personally see how the future of energy medicine is here now and accessible to you in the form of a unique bio-energetic healing system.  

I say unique, because the protocol of this bio-energetic system introduces to the world 8 healing frequencies that go beyond the commonly accepted frequencies of body, mind and spirit. This system is also inclusive of ALL other healing, complementary and medical systems.

Be one of the first people in the world to be introduced to ALL of these frequencies; and this all takes place in August in Melbourne, Australia!  

What my first beta-testing students said about their experiences after learning FlameTree for the first time in four days with me. 

(Please note: As you read the following experiences from the students who assisted me in beta-testing FlameTree, where my students refer to me as Dr Rhett, this is because I am a doctor of Chinese medicine and they liked calling me Dr Rhett. However, I need to be clear here that all of these students became involved with FlameTree solely because of the amazing results (the FlameTree effect) they had experienced from their FlameTree healing sessions and not from Chinese medicine or because I am a doctor of Chinese medicine.) 

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"Almost two months ago I took part in FlameTree: the personal development & healing system’s maiden course run by Dr. Rhett Ogston. Thanks to an insanely busy work and study schedule I have had little time to review or practice what I learnt during this course; however I wanted to share the results and changes I am already seeing.  

Since sitting the course, my outlook on life has had new clarity and is more relaxed. I have become increasingly aware of how I spend my days and how I interact with others. There is an increased positive attitude that surrounds me when I am faced with the day to day difficulties. I am aiming to ensure I enjoy the days of my life in a more playful and rewarding manner and overall I am just enjoying being me. These insights were accumulated from just participating in FlameTree: the personal development & healing system. I then experienced a FlameTree session and the benefits just got better!  

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system has helped me move some memories that I was holding on to from the past. Memories that were a product from what most people would label as ‘past traumatic experiences’. I now have no emotional connection with these past events that once immobilised all joy, satisfaction and motivation I had in my life. 

FlameTree has also confirmed for me that almost all injuries are not caused by physical weakness alone. Our body works on many levels, including spiritual, emotional, mental and physical...even our internal and external environments affect what goes on in our lives. With the extensive and truthful knowledge FlameTree offers its students, practitioner and clients, I cannot wait until I am able to delve into the depths of my FlameTree playbook and to increase my level of practice. I have already told you of what I have experienced on minimal revision of the material already...imagine the possibilities!?! 

Having FlameTree in my life excites me greatly. It is an eye opening and potentially world changing system that offers no empty promises, just science. I look forward to a life of health and richness in everything that I am, everything I do and everybody I share my life with."

Personal development Australia


“After about 20 years of less than good health, searching for a cure, failed business ventures, punishing my self esteem and submitting to a victim mentality, I discovered “FlameTree”. I’ve read every self-help book, been to a lot of courses, seen “the Secret” and tried several alternative healing systems. All helped but none were complete. All good excuses for not playing the game of life. Then one night at an information seminar, I heard Dr Rhett explain FlameTree. It was all the effective bits of everything else rolled into one and more. My initial reluctance to let go of my stories, excuses and emotional hang-ups must have pushed anyone’s patience beyond normal human capacity, but not Dr. Rhett (proof for me that the system work). He persisted with love and tolerance and accepted me where I was. What a difference!!! It so impacted me I had to do the course when it was first offered. I’m back in the game of life full throttle. Thanks Dr Rhett for bringing FlameTree to the world.”  

Energy medicine Australia


"What I love about FlameTree is that it takes complex issues like anatomy and makes it simple. It is literally as easy as ordering take out. Discovering endocrine issues that are complex like the hypothalamus not communicating with the thyroid is as easy as I will have a number 12 and 17! As a technical person this appeals to me on many levels. This system will and is revolutionizing medicine. I am a convert for life. I use it on myself, my wife, my family and anyone who comes to my house. The benefits are astounding. I have converted my entire downstairs area of my house into a FlameTree center and so will you! 

I had heard that ‘The Flametree’ that it would change my life dramatically and forever. At the time I didn’t have enough trust and faith in anyone or anything to fully believe how powerful an effect this would have on my life. 

Although I have done a lot of self development courses over the last 8 years of my life and achieved amazing results from them. Nothing could have prepared me for the massive growth curve that has occurred over the last 2 weeks (since doing ‘The Flametree’). Before the course I really doubted myself and had very little self-trust (if any at all). The four days was a roller coaster of emotions, challenging myself, confronting my fears and overcoming what really stopped me from achieving my full potential in life. All my life I have wanted to have friends I feel really connected to and be really honest with (in a loving way).  

As a result, I now connect with my new friends on a weekly basis to expand our personal growth, knowledge and experience of this powerful and wonderful system so we can go forth in the world and truly make a difference to people’s lives. To truly set people free from the limitations of their minds and see them achieve all they can be – it is truly magical. 

My personal growth, as a result, has included loving myself, learning to trust that I am being guided by a Higher Spirit, learning to trust my intuition (which has been massively strengthened from the course), letting go of all the anger &&resentment of my past &having peace and happiness and also completely smashing through a very limiting belief system that had me see the world in a negative light. 

I can’t begin to tell you how transformational it has been for me. So many people have told me how happy, free and light I look in the face! I have lost about 6 kgs in the last 2 weeks, as I feel ‘the weight of the world’ has just been lifted off my shoulders. My father didn’t even recognize my voice on the phone because I have changed so much!!! I have never felt this happy in all my life. This system is truly a gift to the world and mankind. I am so incredibly passionate about spreading the word to everyone I come in contact with. My excitement for this system is infectious and everyone wants to know about it!! "  

Energy medicine Australia


"FlameTree has taught me how to speed read and put myself into a learning state. So the idea of my child repeating school no longer scares me. I now have the knowledge to make a difference in her life too, and I am very confident in that decision. FlameTree can help not only my family's health but also their wellbeing.  

FlameTree is a revolutionary healing system, I think the best out there for at least four reasons:  

1. If some other modality will save time and help the client to quicker results this will show up in the beginning of the session. 

2. It deals with so many different parts of the body at the one time. 

3. BUT I think it stands alone when it does the first priority of your body first – I do not know another system out there that does. e.g. To make a lasagna you have to brown the onions first before anything else, the steps need to be in order to make it work and last.  

4. It is backed up completely by science. 

The fundamentals of this system can be taught in 4 days, and you do not need to have a science degree to do it. It is taught by a motivated, enthusiastic and passionate leader DR Rhett* who wants to help humanity by making something so simple yet so truly dynamic available to every person out there. 

The results from just one session can have wide and lasting implications. Working on my right hip, has had such a dramatic impact to my energy levels, my sleeping patterns (I do not need as much sleep and wake more rested). This has also impacted on my bladder, even though my bladder did not come up in my session. I have been able to sleep on my back something I have not been able to do in over a year. (Even though I have been going to a Physiotherapist for over a year, initially twice a week, then to 1 visit per week and then to every three weeks - simply due to money constraints) - I was getting results, but nothing as dramatic or as quick as this has given me, I had not been able to sleep on my back.) 

My walking has improved. When I stand up I do not feel I have to lock my hip into place, when standing from a seated position. I can stand on my right leg to put my shoe on my left foot, just to place my weight on my right leg previously was very painful, just to slip a shoe on. I don't think anybody really has any idea of what this means to me. I had to have a pair of jeans taken up 10cm on the right leg. So this improvement is HUGE. I now get more out of my day, doing housework- by lunchtime that was it - sit down - if I continued which generally I would have too ( I have 2 small kids) this meant that by early afternoon-evening I was so stiff and sore I could hardly walk."

Energy medicine Australia

“I was inspired to continue teaching FlameTree. The feedback received from my first beta-testing allowed me to modify the FlameTree course. I was then ready to give it another go. Given my previous success with using my version of the law of attraction, I set my intention, and the next opportunity appeared, and it was in Toowoomba. I travelled up from Brisbane to Toowoomba ready to do my second beta-testing of teaching FlameTree. This was, again, another successful experience, as you will read below from the students. 

This is the only course I will be teaching at this heavily discounted price ~ be quick to get one of the very limitted spots ~ 8 SEATS left.

Personal development and healing Australia

DAPHNE FUNG (acupuncturist) | TOOWOOMBA | QLD

"Dr. Rhett is professional, punctual, informative, demonstrates clear laymen terms so understanding was made easier & fun. Enabled me to learn more about myself and gives me the tool to further help others in my work, all in a nutshell." 

Energy Medicine Australia

SHARON RALLINGS (Master Health Science. B. Acupuncture) | TOOWOOMBA | QLD

"Rhett is exuberant – a great teacher and lots of fun. FlameTree has stripped away my mask and made me realize there is a system that can lead us all to enlightenment."  

FlameTree Australia


"Thanks to FlameTree I can heal. I can continue to heal. I can have a new career. I belong to a new family. I am loved. I love myself. Be open allow yourself to be challenged and loved. I feel empowered now that I have this background knowledge to support me. Rhett is Engaging. Inspiring. Focused. Expert in his fields of knowledge which are numerous. Scientific in his approach. Humorous. Giving. Caring. Agile."  


I continued to modify FlameTree 

After the feedback received from my second group of students, I was inspired to continue modifying my FlameTree course. I continued beta-testing FlameTree with another group, until I felt ready to now teach a group of students who would certify as FlameTree healers. Along the way, I had more feedback from past students who experienced FlameTree as I fine-tuned my delivery which I share with you below. As you read through them, you will agree that their experience was inspiring and they contributed to my determination to evolve FlameTree, so you and your clients can now benefit.

Energy medicine Australia


"FlameTree simply and easily integrates everything I know as a Integrated Kinesiologist, TCM Remedial Therapy Practitioner Three in One Concept Advanced Consultant, Holistic Beauty Therapist, Facial Harmony Practitioner, and a NLP Master Coach and prioritizes what the client needs. It is the easiest and faster way to get to the clients core issue and achieve a positive outcome."  

FlameTree Australia


“As a chiropractor I get amazing results for my clients but every so often I notice that someone doesn’t adjust correctly or get the results typical of an adjustment. When that happens I use FlameTree and immediately they change, they become brighter and more emotionally at peace, more flexible mentally about how they see the world and physically. The amazing part is that where their body would not adjust before, it adjusts like a hot knife through butter, normally I can put my hands in the set up position and the adjustment happens automatically, no pushing or thrusting required. Its amazing! FlameTree has revolutionized my clinic.” 

My first certified FlameTree healer 

In 2011, after making my final changes to the beta tested FlameTree course, I knew it was time to begin certifying FlameTree healers. Using my trusted version of the law of attraction, I ran another course, and in that course was my first certified FlameTree healer, George Dellas, albeit he did not know it at the time. George was also the first person to accept my FlameTree mentoring program. The mentoring program prepares you for the 3-hour written theory and 1-hour practical exams, if you wish to continue after the immersive training to certify, like George, as a certified FlameTree healer. I created this assessment to ensure high and consistent standards for all certified FlameTree healers as well as to meet the regulatory process in place for individuals to practice safe and ethical healthcare.  

I will let George share with you his experience after completing the basic FlameTree training, and then again after FlameTree mentoring. 

Healing and personal development Australia


After the basic FlameTree training:  

"Before doing the FlameTree course, although I was qualified in various disciplines, there was a feeling that I could do more for my clients, even though I was empathetic and put 100 per cent into all my consultations. Within the first hour of being in the FlameTree course, I immediately identified what was missing from my consultations, and that feeling was appeased!  

What we learnt over the 4 days in the FlameTree is AMAZING! I had NO idea what to expect. This system has changed the way I think about and approach clients now… It does everything that I do, plus more… and it is not limited by the practitioner’s skill base – nor is the practitioner limited by their skill base in using the protocol! Irrespective of your background, from my personal experience, I can confidently say that FlameTree will not only enrich your life, it will enrich what you already know, add to your skill level and achieve outcomes that you did not think possible.  

This is something that in my opinion every practitioner of whatever modality needs to have as their “GPS” to healing their clients! I know this is a big statement to make, but after my experience with it, this is the system that I have been searching for!! I can see the FlameTree being a foundational module for every health care practitioner… FlameTree integrates science-healing-art-spirituality-environment-body systems-and more – it is at the cutting edge of healing! As you know I have studied many different healing techniques – and from my experience nothing comes close to the FlameTree approach. …. My life has changed forever!  

I encourage anyone who is genuinely interested in assisting people to create changes in their life to consider embarking on a FlameTree career pathway, or at the very least learn FlameTree to assist yourself and family."

With love,  

George Dellas 

After the FlameTree mentoring leading towards being certified:  

"Getting the most from any course that I have undertaken has always been my goal, and FlameTree mentoring fulfilled this need. The personal assistance and guidance offered by the mentoring pathway was priceless. It took over where the course left off by further refining the ability to apply what was taught in the course, particularly with tracing and the art of interpretation. As it is with mastering any system, I believe that best practice is to have a coach, as offered by the FlameTree mentorship, and most importantly to be coachable in order to get the most from the FlameTree course.  

The mentoring program was essential to my preparation for the FlameTree certification. The ongoing feedback and encouragement I received with my case histories was integral to developing my proficiency. By the time I reached my final few cases, I was able to present them to my mentor with few corrections required. The mentoring option, from my experience, not only created the confidence in me to undertake the certification assessment, it prepared me for being an exceptional FlameTree healer." 

George Dellas after certifying as a FlameTree healer:  

"From the first time I was introduced to FlameTree, I knew I could not continue practicing without certifying as a FlameTree healer. With the guidance of my FlameTree mentor and all my case histories completed, I was able attain the high standards expected of the certification process, and successfully attained the necessary requirements the first time.  

I believe this was possible due to the number of case histories I had to do as part of the certification process, with the priceless guidance and feedback I received through the mentorship program. I probably would have been ok at tracing without it, but having gone through the experience, I know now I am more than proficient. My story interpretation improved immensely, and my clients resonated with my interpretations more frequently. I am now more confident in what I do, and after purchasing the ultimate business kit to convert my existing practice into a FlameTree one, not only am I assisting more people with creating change in their life, FlameTree assisted me in becoming a more efficient and proficient healer, with my income increasing significantly through living my life purpose."

As history has it, George also became my first certified FlameTree instructor and advanced FlameTree healer. George also taught the basic FlameTree course to three different groups. I will, again, share with you some of the feedback received in response to George’s FlameTree sessions and training others in FlameTree.

Alternative medicine Australia


"Over ten years ago I began a search to find what I believed what missing from my life. I wasn't sure of what it was, but I knew there was something I was meant to be doing but wasn't. At the time I was in a relationship that wasn't satisfying, and I had been dealing with a heat related rash that made life at times quite a struggle. The books and CD's I was listening to at the time were guiding me along a spiritual path and through that I learned about my bodies amazing capacity to heal itself. Then I began to read about quantum physics and how energy and emotion effected the body and its health and my view of how things worked expanded and although I didn't know how or where, I knew this type of healing was the one that I wanted to be a part of.  

During the course of completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage, I met George Dellas and I can quite honestly say my life has never been the same since. At the end of the Chinese Massage weekend he had conducted, he stayed behind and told me more about this amazing practice called Flame Tree Healing. In life we sometimes have moments when things happens or you meet someone and you just know it's right. That was the case for me. Not only did I enjoy talking with George and feel his passion and enthusiasm, but I knew straight away that I wanted to learn Flame Tree and be a part of what I believe to be one of the most amazing systems of healing I have ever heard of. 

Do I love Remedial Massage? I certainly do. Does it hold a candle to Flame Tree? No way. 

I only have to look at the personal results I had with George when I went to see him for a session. In two days, having discovered and cleared the emotional blocks I had been listening to for thirty years, my heat related rash disappeared to a point where I could, having not done for ten or fifteen years, sit in a sauna for half an hour. It is simply amazing. 

What would I like to do with Flame Tree?  

I believe strongly that people and situations come into my life for a reason. I believe I was meant to do the Remedial Massage Diploma so I could meet George. The strongest belief I have is that I am meant to learn Flame Tree and spread the word about it. With the understanding I have about the right people turning up at the right time, I can't tell you how many people I have talked to recently about Flame Tree, who are keen to participate. It seems to me that this is the right time and the right place.  

Since learning about Flame Tree what I believed to be missing from my life has gone. Am I committed to Flame Tree? Most definitely. Am I committed to helping as many people as I can with it? Most sincerely. There are some things in life that are worth paying whatever for and without a shadow of a doubt, Flame Tree is at the top of my list. I am excited about Flame Tree because I know the world and how we think as a connected group is changing. I know that more people understand that there is more than just the physical and FlameTree is a fantastic and non-invasive way of helping them deal with that."

Holistic health Melbourne

The feedback from George and his students allowed me to further refine the Basic FlameTree Course. It also gave me the opportunity to revisit the most recent science, based on the many questions George and his students presented to me. Following on from these experiences, I have now updated the FlameTree manual, written the Science and Achievements of FlameTree and have a solid scientific explanation for FlameTree and the FlameTree effect, all for you when you join me in my five-day intensive FlameTree training.

My Hypothesis

My hypothesis In short, the FlameTree effect can be explained by my ‘stem cell and biofield hypothesis’. This hypothesis explains how FlameTree can influence your cells, your body and your environment because all exchange energy and information to keep you living your life optimally and purposefully. Our current medical model (included within FlameTree) (more about that in the 5-days) focuses predominantly on cells being only matter, and as such, their treatment focuses only on other matter such as pharmaceuticals, surgical or nutritional supplemental intervention. 

FlameTree, however, focus on three main elements:  

1. The energy fields that surrounds, permeate and are within us.  

2. Matter, which is the physical body and all its parts. 

3. The information which is carried within energy fields and on the energy fields of the body. 

Bioenergetic healing Australia
Energy medicine Australia

The biofield  

The various energy fields and information contained within these energy fields are referred to as the biofield. “Biofield” is the word chosen by a team of National Institute of Health scientists in 1994. It is now well accepted that the biofield contains information that influences the outcome of your health and wellbeing. When your biofield is ‘unhealthy’, your health and wellbeing suffer. Conversely, when your biofield is ‘healthy’, your health and wellbeing flourishes.  

The bio-electric code and gene expression 

This impact of an unhealthy biofield has been demonstrated by Professor Michael Levin at Tufts Centre for Regenerative and Developmental Biology for over a decade by conducting research into morphological and behavioral information processing in living systems. What they have discovered at a cellular level is mind-blowing!  

Just when I thought Levin’s work was amazing and offered a valid explanation for the FlameTree effect, researchers in the field of cybernetics and optogenetics reinforced my stem cell and biofield hypothesis! The combining of cybernetics and optogenetics has demonstrated how the information within energy generated by our minds can directly control transgene expression in living cells and mammals! Then, when I read the work by cancer research scientists, Shi-Ming Tu (Cancer Cell Int., Cancer: a “stem-cell” disease, 2013; 13: 40) who stated that “there appears to be a malignant potential in every stem cell and a stem cell potential in every malignant cell” I knew that I had all the necessary scientific information to explain the FlameTree effect. 

When you join me in my five-day immersive FlameTree training I will share with you in detail how Shi-Ming Tu’s assertion, as well as Levin’s work and the fields of cybernetics and optogenetics can be used to explain FlameTree effect.

Highlights from the FlameTree training 

When you join me for the six days basic FlameTree training, in addition to what I have shared with you above, here are some highlights of what else you will be learning: 

• The science behind why FlameTree is the future of medicine… and the simple steps you can take to start using it successfully in your practice. Don’t get left behind! 

• The speed-healing secrets of the Human biofield. See how energy and information flows through the body… and why this is so crucial to maintaining good health. 

• You’ll learn how to “fix” these pathways and reactivate the body’s self-healing power.

• What you must know to help your clients restore abundant life and health. 

• How to get your clients raving about your practice. 

• The exact number of health complaint issues to address in any one session! Doing more will not help. In fact, it will do more harm. So, knowing to adhere to these guidelines is crucial for your clients! 

• And so much more! 

Join our community of Certified FlameTree Healers already Restoring Energy and Wellness to their Clients – Make your Reservation Today!  


• The ground-breaking FlameTree protocol & procedure 

• Your individual Instructional Manual 

• Your individual Techniques book 

• Taught by the founder.  

Yes, it Really is this EASY with our System! 

• Detect … the bio-energetic field using the MTRR 

• Pinpoint … the distortions in the Body-Field using the MTRR 

• Interupt … unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues 

• Correct … the biofield with the techniques to trigger the body’s own self-repair system  

• Empower … your clients with the practical knowledge to restore a healthy physical body. Improve the Strength and Health of Your Clients’ Biofield for Abundant Energy, Health and Purpose. 

$14,999 $6725inc GST

This is your ONLY chance to learn from the FOUNDER for this heavily discounted price, never to be offered again.  


25-30 NOVEMBER 2022 | MELBOURNE [9am-7pm]

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