In the last four posts we have discussed how choosing the right strategy, for example, those discussed in the STARS master class [watch here], at the right time, translates into winning… in this post I will discuss the fifth trait of a winners mindset for those of you who are interested in achieving more in life, living optimally as well as living your purpose.


Trait 5. Embrace the loss and then get right back to winning


Many people when they experience a failure or loss immediately begin to think about themselves negatively and fully engage in negative self-talk, downplaying their capabilities.


What winning champions do is to embrace the loss and to reflect on loss when their mind is calm, in order to learn what went wrong, but rather than dwell on what it was that went wrong, they engage their optimistic attitude to see what they could do that would solve the past error, so that they can work toward an improved performance in the future.



You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.

– Kareem Abdul

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