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The Rhett Ogston Applications (ROAs) are a complimentary suite of tools, techniques and products that enhance the quality of life and heighten the level of human consciousness. Used for healing and personal development, these applications can be integrated with ease into anyone’s life and will provide the support needed to make the necessary changes to live optimally and with purpose as well as to integrate into an already established health clinic.


Rhett Ogston Melbourne Australia Chinese medicine, Energy medicine, Healer and personal development coach


Rhett Ogston has dedicated his professional life to exploring the power of the human mind, body and everything in between, including frequencies, the conscious and subconscious involved in the healing process. Having worked as a research scientist and later studied a variety of healing techniques, including human biology, immunology and traditional Chinese medicine, it became clear that primary treatment methodologies were missing something vital. So Rhett founded the FlameTree System – a technique that allows anyone, healers and practitioners to access direct feedback from the body and harness the power of the innate wisdom (inner knowing or inborn intelligence) to guide the healing process. He has since developed the revolutionary Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT), the Process My Emotions Essences and conducted further study into brain functions like learning and memory. Rhett’s clients and practitioners describe his work as “life-changing”, offering results where mainstream medicine and other alternative medicine modalities have failed them.

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Courses and products for professional development for natural health practitioners

Professional Development

Find support, resources, training and products to help you grow your practice and offer more holistic treatment options to your clients

Energy medicine and healing sessions Australia Mebourne for better health


Find a safe place to connect with trusted practitioners and access holistic healing options that care for your mind and body

Holistic living and natural organic products to releive stress and improve health

Holistic Living

Experience health conscious, natural products, thoughtfully crafted to support your holistic lifestyle and bring you joy

Rhett saved my daughter from a life of pain

“I would personally like to thank Rhett from the bottom of my heart for the absolute professionalism, love, care and concern he showed my daughter, my family and myself. I am his best advocate as I know he gets the results and saved my daughter from a life of pain. “


Rhett’s expertise was obvious

“Within the first hour of my treatment, Rhett had assessed my problems and proceeded to diagnose exactly the cause of my ill health. It was like attending a panel of doctors all at the same time and resulted in a very holistic approach to health.”


I felt safe with Rhett

“Rhett proved himself to be of high integrity, honest and trustworthy. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional.”