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Five Element Essences, Organic Naturopathic Teas and Emotional Freedom Techniques for Wholesale Stockists & Affiliates

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Calling all health-conscious natural health practitioners, educators, wellness retreats, spas and health food shops…

Ask us about our wholesale and affiliate options to enhance offerings for your community and revenue streams for your business. The pro•m•emo essences and Jivana luxury range of organic herbal teas are available for wholesale pricing for health practitioners, wellbeing clinics, conscious lifestyle retail premises. 

Affiliate options are available for online practitioners or wellbeing advocates if they are unable to hold stock on their premises. Online courses included.

Stand out in the health sector and provide your clients and community with empowering tools to provide them with an optimal and purposeful living.


Wholesale natural products and organic herbal teas

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Natural Health Products and Personal Development Courses


Rhett Ogston Professional development


– pro•m•emo vibrational essences & accessories

– Jivana organic herbal tea range & holistic

lifestyle products

Rhett Ogston Professional development


– pro•m•emo vibrational essences

– Jivana organic herbal tea range

– Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT) online course

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“pro•m•emo essences are the perfect little ‘pick me up’ during times of need. A few drops  can really help rebalance and reset your emotions right in that moment. Said with a positive mantra or some kind words to yourself goes even further. I recommend these as a staple for anyones handbag 😊  they are safe, gentle and very affordable”

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